Learning Outcomes: SML Govt. Degree College

The learning effectiveness of any programme and course depends on the POs PSOs and COs. All the programmes were so developed in respect of Academic planning and POs, PSOs and COs of UG/PG programmes taking into consideration the mission and goals of the programmes, the core syllabus of the Programmes that was framed by APSHE and approved as well as modified by the BOS of Rayalaseema University based on the local relevancy. The programme outcomes, programme specific outcomes and course outcomes largely aim at imparting knowledge and skills which is essential for building students' competence, personality and ability to suit the present market need. There is also an emphasis on holistic development of the students as the learning outcomes focus on providing need based Education, enhancing Scientific and communicative skills, Equal access, training to inculcate discipline, honesty, morale, interpersonal skills, creating interest in Education and paving way to all round Personality expansion. The POs, PSOs, COs are so stated, keeping in view the prime motto of the college i.e. Sraddhavan Labhyate Gnanam and the Noble Mission of the College to work for the holistic development of students. Students are encouraged to work towards achieving course outcomes throughout the course. Awareness programmes on Programme out comes, course outcomes are conducted to the students at the beginning of the academic year and a detailed abstract of POS, PSOs and COs are placed in College website to facilitate the student community in having better understanding of the programmes before admissions itself.

Programmes offered by the institution
S.No. Programmes Syllabus Programme outcomes, Programme specific outcomes & Course outcomes
  UG Programmes    
1 B.Sc. MPC/ BZC/ MPCs Syllabus POs, PSOs & COs
2 B.A. HEP Syllabus POs, PSOs & COs
3 B.Com General / Computer applications Syllabus POs, PSOs & COs
  PG Programmes    
1 MA Telugu Syllabus POs, PSOs & COs
2 MA Economics Syllabus POs, PSOs & COs
1 Telugu Syllabus CSOs & COs
2 English Syllabus CSOs & COs

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