1. Name of the Department:  Library
  2. Date and Year of Establishment: 1982
  3. Computers in  Dept. :  01
  4. Total collection :  22619
  5. Other  ICT appliances in the Library : Multy Copier cum Printer
  6. Internet connectivity and Speed: Yes connected with Internet and speed is 100 Mbps.
  7. Magazines/ News Papers subscribed : 14 Journals , 33 magazines & 04 News papers
  8. Timings : 10 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.                            

The library of the College was established since the inception of the college. It has a good collection of 22619 books and a noticeable collection of e-books in the form of 201 CDs. It has a rich treasure of English and Telugu literature which needs both appreciation and mention worth. It is a well balanced collection with latest editions of text books, valuable reference collection and career guidance books. It has been subscribing INFLIBNET NLIST Content. Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
1 N. Jayalakshmi Librarian M.A., M.L.I.Sc.
2 Murali Office Assistant (B.Tech.)

Title of the project Funding agency Amount sanctioned Year of sanction Ongoing/ Completed
Mapping Digital Divide among the students of Degree Colleges of SK university area    UGC Rs.1,00,000/- 2010 Completed

No. of Research publications 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Seminar papers 06 02 - -
Conference papers        
Journal articles 01 - - -


S.No. Collection Type No. of Books
1 General 13509
2 SC Book Bank 4009
3 ST Book Bank 30
4 UGC Book Bank 4538
5 Spl.Fee Fund 19
6 Donations 307
7 Spl. Collection 123
8 ELL Books 84
  Total Collection 22619
9 CDs 201

There are four departmental libraries with a collection of  books in total, functioning for the benefit of the students

Name of the Department No.of Books
1 Physics 196
2 Chemistry 185
3 Botany 196
4 Zoology 89
  Total 666






The Department is equipped with a Computer, Copier and Internet Connectivity. A partial collection was entered in Qualin Library Management Software database. There are 201 CDs (Accompanying Material of the text books) are available in different subjects.

  Periodicals: a) Journals : 14   b) Magazines: 33   

a. Journals

Name of Journal Publisher
1 Resonance Indian academy of science
2 Pramana Indian academy of science
3 Journal of Chemical science Indian academy of science
4 Journal of Mathematics Indian academy of science
5 Journal of Bio sciences Indian academy of science
6 Journal of Genetics Indian academy of science
7 Current science Indian academy of science
8 Journal of Earth System Science NISCAIR
9 Journal of Material Science CCS University, Meerut
10 Indian journal of Political science ICHR
11 Ardhasastra Associated Management consultants          
12 Journal of Marketing Associated Management Consultants
13 Journal of finance  Associated Management consultants          
14 Journal of management  Associated Management consultants      

b. Magazines

Name of Magazine   Sl.No Name of Magazine   Sl.No Name of Magazine
Literary Magazines Career guidance General & Science
1 Gruha sobha 1 Competition success Review 1 Andhra Pradesh
2 Chatura 2 Prathiyogita  Darpan 2 Kurukshetra
3 Vipula 3 Pratiyogita Kiran 3 Yojana
4 Chatura 4 Career guidance 4 Tell me Why
5 Wisdom 5 Banking Services chronicle 5 Ayurveda
6 Wonder world 6 Udyoga sopanam 6 Amrutam Mana Arogyam
7 Bommarillu 7 Vijetha Competitions    
8 Tinkle 8 Viveka    
9 Rachana 9 Employment News    
10 Telugu Vidhyardhi 10 Manorama Year book    
11 The Children’s Magazine 11 Current Affairs    
12 Telugu Velugu 12 Careers 360    
13 Sree Ramakrishna Prabha 13 Shine India    
14 Nachiketanjali        

  General services

Reference services

 Technical services

Classification used        : Dewey decimal classification.
Catalogue                      : Subject wise catalogues in book form previously.
Online public access catalogue is under process
Arrangement of books: Subject wise and Collection type wise

     a) Number of faculty visiting the Library/day    :    05
     b) Number of students visiting the Library/ day:   100
     c) Number of Information/ reference services rendered /day     : 10-12
     d) Number of students utilizes the Internet resources/day          :    6-8
     e) Number of the outside clientele or old students used library/month   :  10

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