Procedures and policies for maintaining: SML Govt. Degree College

The institution has a well established system for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities.

Procedures and Policies for establishing physical, academic and support facilities: The purchasing of Lab equipment, Books, ICT equipment is generally according to the approved procedure i.e. Taking resolutions in Self Fund/UGC fund committees, getting permition from principal for Calling Quotations from at least 3 to 5 providers, preparation of comparative statement of received quotations and ordering on the basis of comparative statement.

As far as physical infrastructure is confirmed, the College follows the guidelines of state govt. i.e. procuring line/ detail quotations for any construction from R&B or APSWC, remittance of the amount to the said constructing agency, monitoring the construction through an established Building committee and finally submission of Cost Completion certificate and utilization certificates to the funding agency.

Maintenance of the infrastructure: The institution receives financial assistance from State Govt., UGC, RUSA etc to establish and enhance physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. The infrastructure such as Laboratory equipment, Computers and other ICT equipment, Books & Journals acquired through different sources are maintained in registers as per the norms and principles of funding agency. Every Department head maintains a stock register for the available equipment and furniture. The College conducts Stock verification at the end of academic year to monitor the stock position and to identify the unserviceable articles. The repairs, renovations and replacement of components of the infrastructure is met from restructured courses Spl. Fee fund, Spl. Fee fund, OOE, contingent fundĀ  etc.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month is observed as clean and green day and all the students in the campus are involved in cleaning class rooms and campus under the guidance of their class teachers. NSS volunteers and the Campus Green Corps take the responsibility of greenery maintenance on campus.

Support Facilities: Support facilities like games and sports, indoor stadium, Gym are maintained by regular verification and repairs. UGC Committee, Self Fund Committee, Purchase committee, building committee and Staff Council make resolutions for the purchases, constructions, repairs, renovation and maintenance of physical, academic and support facilities by utilizing available budgets

Utilization of the infrastructure: The College receives grant from RUSA, State Govt. and CCE, Vijayawada under Plan Head and Non-Plan Head. For the year 2018-2019, the total amount received from the state government and RUSA was Rs. 2,46,85,365/-- only and the institution utilized 99.7% of the grant i.e. Rs. 2,46,27,847/-

The College takes care to the maximum utilization of acquired infrastructure. The college takes up calibration and other precision measures for the equipment at the end of every academic year, or by 31st March. Basing on the stock registers necessary repairs and alternatives are taken up by hired technicians or through Annual Maintenance Contract in case of ICT equipment. Equipments and instruments are maintained in good condition and ready for use for the next academic year.

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